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CARNIVAL the first panel 1967-70 was published by Coach House Press in 1973.

Previously, selections from Carnival, including now discarded sections, appeared as grOnk series 5 number 2, in The Cosmic Chef (Oberon Press, 1970. Ed. bpNichol), New Direction in Canadian Poetry (cover, Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1971. Ed. J.R. Colombo), Language and Structure in North America (1975, curated by Richard Kostelanetz), Typewriter Art (U.K. ed. Alan Ridell).

Early drafts for sections appeared as Two Simultaneous Texts (Anonbeyond Press, 1969) and Groundplans for a Speaking City (Anonbeyond Press, 1969).

Panel one was chosen as centrepiece for an exhibition of typewriter art covering the last one hundred years (New Street Gallery, Edinburgh) and appeared 1975 in Language & Structure in North America - the first definitive survey of North American Language Art. In 1977 it was exhibited at an International Festival in Bologna, Italy and at Canadada, an exhibition at A Space,Toronto.

Color xeroxes of the five-colour original of the second panel of Carnival are available from the author for $75 by writing to him at 52 Claxton Blvd.,Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M6C 1L8. Only 50 of these, signed and numbered, will be made available.

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