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"A reduced & somewhat modified version of an early selection
from CARNIVAL, a random purpose construct at present of an
unspecified size composed on a typewriter using a variety
of stencils, carbons, overprints, et cetera, in both red &
black type ( one thing i like to feel in these constructs
is that i can brin the normally neglected mental and & physi-
cal processes of composition to a concious concrete level).
the total idea is for a phonetic semantic allegory, i start
with the creation myth - God as the ultimate alphabetical
source of A/Adam the first man & first letter. Adam crea-
tion as an individual is simultaneous with his absorption
into the matric of the word (the visual-phonetic square) &
his genetic fall parallels his graphic descent from the
purity of the letter as pure substance & pure volume thru
the word & the semantic sense (represented in Eve & her
theories of playful permutations evel, ever, etc) & finally
into language itself. this takes us roughly to the present
section: my conception of a wittgensteinian worl of game/
language & what (for me) are its two most important aspects,
purposiveness (direction) & chance (randomness) which this
section develops. line, punctuational paths, semantic con-
nectives, are provided, some at random, some deliberately.
the construct is approachable both as a concrete & a cogni-
tive event which "becomes" when you enter into it, explore
it, discovering both "it" & yourself as a responsive being."

                            - Steve McCaffery

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