Lines of Embarkation
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Babysitter Laurie Dann's descent into madness began
long before she opened fire on a class of second graders.
- People Weekly, June 6, 1988

Well out of harm's way.
Somewhere not on the bus schedule, fer sure.
Not in a hospital where more people die than anywhere.
      ' idyllic community where parents knew
            their children were safe...'
A place where legs grow long enough to reach the ground
      & no longer.
Where no one risks asking God to create a rock
      even God can't lift. This is contentment.
Reason for a well-defined system
      boxes a dragon in parts that
            finally grows tired of chasing its own tale.
Bent on roasting the old monologue to death.
Flashing RED YELLOW GREEN symbols
      everyone is meant to understand & obey.
The colour-blind recognizing order, the blind
satisfied with sounds mainly YELLOW.
At any rate feeling safe between parallel lines
      bathed in a calming glow of green.
No square for any serpent riddled in flames. Except.
The form of lower Eden triggers a small town
      toward the massacre of innocents.
Later to be cribbed an isolated incident
      ignoring the fact      only the freak
Children hung from the beard of the garden dwarf.
They lock the doors upon themselves while up the stairs
      every attic maintains
            its steady grind
                  of steel
                        on stone.