Lines of Embarkation
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TNT needed to blast some unidentified type.
To form a proper boarder. No reservations
& cash in advance.
Otherwise it is a wasteland.
Waiting for the axe to fall:

      If you speak I will cut off your head.
      If you don't speak I will cut off your head.

An intense resolution.
The ears of every beast untriggered by a wind
scaled with cones keyed in ancient tonical rhythms.
A dilemma. The earth upheaving their feet
stuck in the grass or clutching branches.
Unable to disconnect Zen from Zeno.
Alice drank the lemonade, stroked the lemur,
      ran with the lemmings & would've lost her head
            except for nonsense.
No such uninvited ghost to deal with monsters
banked high in timber.
Whether Madagascar, Norway or BC.
When the landscape disappeared beneath them.
They disappeared.