Lip Service by Bruce Andrews



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Fixed Stars     1

  OH these more cheekbone grand scene
                                  a preunion interestingly crowned uncondition-
ally submit without the fleur de lis twinkling caliber signs,
                                                                sheer tongue nixes
                                                                boast self-tinting
                                                                fuse binder stars hello
                                  is not eternity equally unvarnished sugarplum
teeming magenta version inverts itself,
    rose alloy milk gotcha devoting
it into sensation lure capsizes turquoisoid sheen impersonation
                                  tinsel cajoled remission prize
                                  for covertancy – wax was woozy
                                  pensive Biddin’ On A Beauty
                                  antennae for all types prescribe,
    there goes nostril pasture candlelight affection
                                  hips uncolored teeth as white as
sugar absence prerogatives, moon streetlight milky tarried syrup
                                  chic spout softly wet, stigmatizes silhouette
                                  osmostic cosmetic disquieting lining
                                  space odds kin red solicits
white swan guards’ ethereal vibes.
    Re-dirigible velvet sheath makes it show:
                                  pretext, magnetization indigos, inexhaustible
                                  surface mating lavender installments –
                                  small tacits of time, whirled stroke lilies &
                                  roses tear tenor dove sequin distaff
treasury forehead perforating homonym comets.
    And thick whitened echo devise
                                                                sleep cheap
open matter brief set this pre-letter letter before together
                                  flash deposes darkening – italics, the cube
                                                                blousing ripless in pitch
                                  verge of aromatic recto empowers timely hour-
                                  glass cheeks hike up secret modal vowel wrap
                                  nom d’assume
    letters sheen wit follicles different-
                                  ly lighter-than-air allegro ahead transcends
legs to see even frontin’
                                  fingerholes of just a phrase
toned on vulnerable glimpses: virginal brakes & mutes
                                  mirage would like to stay static
but realize that is idealism’s push at dark melee.
    Focal lap was moonglow guided missiles caress
perfect taut dreamlike flairs gloss by wetting
palm displays: lamped silk’s refractory falsetto souse
                                  insinuate solace bees preening
                                  peak curtsy thrust lustre gauge –
creamy prismatic casual look to opiumosity:
    & so high, so low curves fingertip science crush on this
                                  chest pads on personal memory, fantasy
consort the pages ordinal torso satin annoying –
                                                                ee ah teel day koorahng
                                  dahngz herrur?–

secretive smoke me color harbors swoon these tissue bullets, this
nocturnally breathless
bouquet warmth keeps captive
hyphenated teasing & taunting clutches.
    The leaping smoothness, the uncrossed T
for tacit eyelid, the vascular substance dilemma caress:
                                  tulle crease dream the ‘I wish
                                  your picture was you’ manifold immaterial
grasp spur ink – davenport comma vanish lip swivels fortress; –
                                                                pens’ tears hose eyes out
                                  pretend tongue swooned indelible boyish rough
blessedly swooping twirl fleurette color in vivo.
    Oh be saft tonight, tenderize solo bond and then all
of a sudden hands parsimony together – lift con-
cussed glitters cough add teeth to moxie mixing guess
                                  low low, itself and fragrant:
                                                                See head note –
                                  milkwhite yield up mute in pink juice I clear
near you sometimes, dreaming, it’s just fixed tableaus
while cityscape visualizes the you are my superstition dream
inspired whole.
    Iridescent vulnerability
all night will be borrow ’em roses between gel –
                                  a privilege to be without listeners
                                  and clear time up treble cell converging soft
prodless point danger alone acquaints false apart
winking wettener, yes, skin’s deafness thick
                                  diamond services spurt saliva improvement –
I don’t believe in tomorrow, I cake
the soothe adhesive freeze-frame.
    Regard suite tapioca dart flatters referent –
silvery lightener
aura unsullied
chromatics: specious blue flame forecaster dribbles, ornaments
                                  muzzled swan relenting
                                  facade bit back rouging nimbus candle
shoeing horns still look silky distance to withstand tension
combustible moonlit satin parts amidst imaginary lamps,
    seldom rosers –
omits the fishes –
thawless ‘in vain’ lures deepest salt yellow dusks with testimony
                                  authentic means verify detail hurries
bonding boundaried spare blink benign, another, above, chintz
                                  de-epauleting captive with my eyes open
                                  have a tumble next to last in two lines.
    I’m nomenclature killed the King enjambed free
counterfeit colors occulted captivating core otherwise separates
white candor indicators pining when thus shined
                                  secrecy magnetized needle communes:
the gauze just -gives & gives
seed hush tinder duly blink
known anchor never pre-revolutionary enough;
    colloquy de-nitted a means of lustration I wonder
                                  if you wonder, if you bluenote me
                                  utopic unstuck degrading
doom button paraphrases why oh why, but what, backhanded
asterisk scratching away at small behavioral truths –
                                  idiom triangles submitted
                                  refrain cancelled into
sharp closeup pretty confidential.
    If likeness caption doubt
drawer natural wrench annex allure
sorry sherbet rutted in the honorary
nerve trust valued suppose blue
questioning fleur de lis like fur
                                  of a team coaxing unseen
matter declines to compete overhearing else confronting
                                                                Most Optimistic
only bumps by hearsay
treading on the lulls
it’s too soon to know,
    don’t yet this or less, Surprised? – candy attains honor
                                  custom object idyllic to date sovereign crack
                                  night by night by night
deliver promises, diamonded done dare to dream
                                  to defy toys’ tender know-how
                                  out of anything’s profession.