Lip Service by Bruce Andrews



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Mars     10

  EDITING is composition lab pleasure
this vanished anticipation of enormous lights what’s left
                                  to curve thought inflation siren indecency
                                  actually preceded by brinked out
lacking in hinges – I’m ashamed to deny this –
                                  experience isn’t always necessary,
    bunching my eyes curtain back all light:
I Wed this Uncertainty agreeable to be your syllables –
I’m so glad I lost my penis early, the gestural premonition
                                  implosion atoned on query
                                  venom has recall fierced with
euphoria means mistake, Sure I’ll see you:
    aftereffect relay
                                  sex is culture
hooks of being amazing self redefining charisma –
                                  the tension, not the decoration –
                                  flushing the snow-job as soon as I vulcanized
rubber, I made my first birth-control device
                                  blowing out the quasi-needful evidence:
honeysuckle limbs expect it, blue expulsion
                                  accident’s abandons;
    rare positive start up dancing digits
                                  mock the moon for its shyness but since …
Be ki began! Be ki began! (Whom can I tell) –
breasts mean power, enfranchised with lack of trust
denying the fetus the benefit of the doubt.
    You call this ‘tilting the manhole cover’? –
                                                                I thought of something
                                  examine the lips of my spine
for these furtive forsaking enjoyments –
                                  Ehl ner mer pleh pah –
                                  no clean caesura to freshen up
the suggestion that messed up
                                  androgyny without velour,
    & one more kiss makes a clean latticed
breast of it, pouts’ worth, unravel this imperative
                                  redden acute sensuous gaming
                                  hesitates, skirts above leash
that was wrong,
                                                                agonizing neither
                                  mood says no – bad is not enough?:
strategems awake stimulus clatter as tech
                                  organ snack on regret;
    & use it to lose it
                                  trusting spoiling girls timid
                                  ‘no’ is less unmistakable girls
necessitated needs to dissociate from bright clock’s fixation
motive to pull yourself out of guarantees –
                                  ‘Tell someone!’ they chorused.
    Wrest from flop – scads, yes –
knee-level admonish
you make everything break open, head cocked to defy
hystericalectomy: sometimes I get wrecked
before I clean up – want some fish head? –
                                  felt chasm on own terms
poke fun at rather frantic wimp aversion:
I can imagine a preference for a quarantine for that sentiment;
                                  ooby-dooby cozy bombing silkworm’s sting –
I stopped hating you the day I stopped loving you
                                  unless you con someone;
    excuse me sued forgive
if I lose control, let me say this: suck the directions
                                                                point up by needling
                                                                root rub verbs
                                  exasperate more luridity –
disarm this kitchen & frustrate this compromise,
spleen the strings
                                  to kill your replacements.
    Impossible stalactite delight
                                  fish or flesh yeah yeah no –
when the lights go down, stop showing your wounds,
curt so little demeanor has need to do consensus
from the optimizing litter, manifest
                                  not took a backseat to
chronic borders unafraid, unrestricted
                                                                veto lust resort
                                  to wield the puncture stress in trust
orality on everyone’s lips
                                  to sing it without male parts
productively or unproductively intoxicate, the lay of
                                  raid encampment (& not only in her hand!):
it’s just a mashing of our personalities.
    La esperanza, order too near
                                                                unmoored a fork
                                  each otherwise coveting sovereign –
hope sells swindle short, vengeance buoys
                                  two heads on the body
                                  chemical means
power reopens knowledge toppling checkmate digest
                                  tumult dressing, what a silly bunt! –
I’m more interested in enlightening hostility,
larcenous dusk
                                  restorative without pillow
                                  sanity forget-me-nots
                                                                insist on slipperies
                                  smothering us to save our organs.
    Chaos ideal
crusade against deportment ‘must project itself
toward an empty heaven that it is to populate’ –
pale loopy unity
    speak up ape not train a parody suite
my lightheartedness took several miniatures
any more love would bankrupt – appetizing mammal:
only the serious rights of zygotes are shorn – cashed out
                                                                both sides’ device bliss
                                  next argument.
    Endorphinated breeze to demoralize my inferiority
with excess, bachelors in car path: talk away! –
                                  I don’t need dreams, I need a studio –
                                  let the gender-blind category wet
                                  infinite embarrasses hetero sublimation; one
                                  can’t delegate nerves, scale all sudden
props in the improper open-mouthed bloom
to listen unfinished:
force scatters, no objects pressed into no subjects,
    hierarchy, get a load of me! – well just bake it:
castration levers in retribution from anybody
                                                                and I don’t care –
                                                                why not violations?:
we must stop this bra from functioning for twenty years –
                                  fuck them like I don’t care so little enough,
                                  get this: gaps edges play to win
                                  this battle of the skin, no limits whatever
                                  swell if all wedding parodies own our own –
                                  it’s a drop of poison in his glass
laden with fruition,
    proof heaven’s
                                  expulsion is our credit:
                                  dolls are the opposite of applause;
lap’s in public interest.