Lip Service by Bruce Andrews



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Mercury     10

  NOW, low-calorie dictum traces
liking all praise codes in cosmetology, false grammar
deposits tongue regularly white in bank
so oblige same abruptly simple scale broodings –
                                  the sorrow and the pity men
science passionaria amazed mad, practically anyone will do:
lamb-inspired Oedipal systematics, Shill I think
fantasied hampers Indeterminate Sentencing.
    Your skin vs. your job corruption, dire tiers
tame what’s duct
by unspoken propietary tissue-built handclasp –
                                  a crowd not merely around me but within me –
hidden shellfish jailer postures mix anatomy
at discount slumping deposit, bestial sever
each dormitoried diffraction justice hula
pop-up test bed: nice guys are finished first
mush on blackboard
                                  made me semblance tornado
                                  sambo center clung,
    and as poverty becomes more & more a women’s issue
                                                                rubberized jury decor
jewels interest me; party dolls
of the captive nations, love through power
salutory dough
                                  ewn grahmehr
civic decoy annoyance as trophy stirrups force
plies impasse
sham zones: crowd pleased with own mass
authority with receipt attached nurtured expulsion
                                  conspiracy to infect red devils
                                  shanghai’d or liberated?,
                                  your money got hard
(‘and’ – or ‘to’) (‘or’ and ‘too’) secure.
    Hallmarkish (admonished)
condiment norm grief mothers ply the infants to palpitate
subordinates ineffectually renowned, those walls
                                  grow hard – congratulations
got so coercive that cobwebs cling to bondage
                                                                – or else – sincere,
    diamond numbed all distinction
social slow me tractable accost accuses
                                  tramp forefront scale belongs to men
                                  exchange their emotions for credit
                                  expedient automatism dictating its norm
                                  hula same lubricated leaker –
butcher’s apprentice trappist selves’ virus turns off
siblings as handsome modifiers, I’m not
the red detachment of women in form
    Center grief
musters from periphery, behavest among behavest, rebus
                                                                taste them spun whole
                                                                serf-same role grease –
                                  wounds fit, crowds don’t lie:
                                  Sadomaso scenarios have increased –
circle expunges all supine
                                  norms disturb, nothing disturbs
norms informanting contraceptives and wife
                                                                canonic caprices
recommend adored sediments, paralyzed still belongs
                                  completely laced by this
                                                                swoop into affiliation
                                  talks extra pleats get unpleated
                                  jitter republic fell in on me
to flee your rights obstacle prodigal
                                  safe summonsing rhesus beat.
    Apparatus helps you ejaculate my rent – species overtime
                                  by cordoning deceives its virtue
frequency frustrates
opportunity squirt enforces by worshiping
                                  a kind of forfeited
use-ual plan beats me up with misplaced confidence fit =
annul megaphoned by
biology: well, calibanish me
I can only egg so much
anatomy bears womb aroma repetition;
    currency divides
the surface scissors, bureaucrats of pure lesion –
but no people … I got this fixture papoose
grammar allows me to be imperceptible
catheterizing the horizon anonymous unemotional code motion
formality of the convalescing stigma face and fees:
                                  sheepness between paradise & self-murder
                                  constant rubber majority peonage swoon enamor
                                  prosecuting sweet sake cocoon made solid
professionals of insecurity an exmatriation
                                                                Inherit The Crowd
                                  by traction homing abuse –
                                  whose mothering theorist? –
                                  his wife is the private sector, centrifuge’s
future anticlimax factions
                                  and in the eloquence of a conversational
between speak-your-weight machine and whoopee cushion,
equilibrists seek that shower of inattention
the phallus feels for the phallus –
                                  you don’t recruit slaves, darling.
    Slavery is suffrage slave’s
avocation? – uterus came into inheritance
slang injects & denies your status quo need
a little more reassurance? – susceptible to proxy redeems
the unborn, crucial for suture as society suffer sameness
                                                                a blamed reverts
                                                                unglued pupils
                                                                sediment I issue
emotional place-holders for the artillery conscience
builds an upholstered clandestine culture, the community
reaches up our skirt assault white-elephant humor:
all preserving sweet, inegalitarians of domesticity
all scratch no discourse, all illusion, all cheek
desire got some too general all normative denatured devises
dividends instead of carpets means quarantine
a spatially suckered leg as crowd control insertions:
                                  you’ll love ours.
    Data sex whites of crowd made a civic corpse of –
troubles end in tubing, general escapeless crescential ego
fission schizophrenia for influence-spotters
                                  turn toward a culture of birth
antique halos again, universals, omni-adjective
pocket-sized everything
heritage hovers & clowns
                                  you’re stemmed; certainty
gives it crowd.