Lip Service by Bruce Andrews



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Primum Mobile     1

  WRITE near the top more
                                                                forestage optic
intoxication ’mparadise down from when do you swamp –
                                  under radiance venture lacking,
    mirror-plaintiff glance yields transdescending
                                  method gives me head
upstairs universal, retro vista clues desist,
    & images undeferred –
what’s the matter so trust, facts made of stars
chancellorize the sun amply coronated enough for you?:
                                  lamp post is apocryphal positive
beauty burns;
    the real testing-bed can’t
                                  they recast refrain from style
                                  eyes, provocateurs
                                  enchain eyes divest befitting light inferno
is not writing.
    And run the earth to the ground blossom opacity
                                  appears = news dilates nothing
premature kind as lure horizon break
                                  minimum doubtless stars over thing,
    fold it as a dream until the shadow photographs itself
                                  because my head’s not there
                                  I’m going to need to be hungry
otherwise I’m going to be fucked;
    & transvales out the flame an everywhere
super concave former size air surprise
ribs resign circuitous halo succeeding.
    Magnetic availing -ing air is physical color
phase out which doom? – soothed refractably,
    horizontal latticing speedlike
roses booby-trapped physicality
indefinitely luminous cloud is blind
mayor of clouds as aside;
    & apparitional envoy total feign – hot so often –
                                                                accomplished blue
                                  nibbling at the privileges of darknesses.
    Sense of space-as-volume the contingent disturbs
                                  night – that barracks
flora pre-floresce surrender ample severe.
    Spatio incubator welcoming open
                                  crystal mash
notes deliver us from points beneath the points;
    & contest sway, inner convertibles
                                  had any sense back
                                  drawn how in trespassing
indefinitely hints.
    Dance with the teacher open – Glimmer insists
strings whoosh – does not exist: fire tremendo correction
substance retracts intangible buzz.
    Meet fine
point infinite
adverbs figure-eighted sweet
                                  have skies succumb lighting debut
trebling liquefaction waow, waow not made with hands.
    And the provisional sentences:
                                  wrested frontage flooding pinpoint
                                  instants aggrandized – little flights
                                  strobe bled, phosphorescing incurably
flared hilt hilting lucky lag;
    skittering lights
                                  neverywhere, slipping ally
                                                                just so
                                                                how soon
corners without angles but centerless gripping
quiet in the vortex of rotation-like trousers.
    Celestial finesse back in beaut break honed enough
space alliterated milks pigmentable ceiling around the knees
slant filigree flats embloused emblazon through
solstice curls preparatory flood,
                                  equatorial extras, how close not quite? –
                                  Magic In The Air
                                                                estuaried skin itself
                                  on a bare stage, lease-free, spiral touché
tufts out of bounds – sweet spidery
spot sugar blots out the original.
    Infinite slippers emit sparks, cosmic deb reddest
espouse thrall chases sleep slipknot zero finds its sanction
to phosphoresce sufficient tight pearl excellent above –
                                                                Population embarrasses:
                                  Esprit Enchantee
                                  So Inclined
                                  Racy Light
nub close much off – assign desire bruise less –
                                  anticipatory matinee!
    Lower fronting better spark anticipated
                                  air is my bedspread; disrobes the aspect
refraction’s rapture on putting angular
                                  parfait adhesive federates light
                                  flesh grateful ideal palimpsest
even rosier – or below! – sweeter than words’
self-envagination by heat and light.
    Mouth asleep at issue shape
rare less creamfilled flashes
                                  more is more mere air heard in exact print
guessing glimpse atoner.
    Those precious face-saving eggs how
                                                                span glows salute
the red-violet formalists of heaven deplane this invisible
                                  visibly scarce cease curls
                                  luxury beams, enamored
salute silvery extras widening caressive jurisdiction.
    Tremendous slide star inlay flesh at large
                                  in a mural astringence
                                  within a kind of incorporeal nudity
                                                                succumb is
no mind answers icicled off
this ennuied, this annoyed & envied world:
    spread moon heat rises
                                                                show under
starred volume, all out, also air topping anything but starchy
careful spiral true to rare ape ultissima
for all us! – porous ceiling,
    hoops off, gaze’s cadre engines
                                  us quitting all chameleon air
destinies out of air color whoosh & pleasant from above
                                  boxed the bubble up:
    happily shorten this & this life submit point perfect
rectangle – I was going to say something about the lunar tide –
                                  dotted suffuse imaginary object of inspired
body handlers ousted,
    why imagine facts as pulleys, topless stairs –
                                  a much admitted, most indetectable, style
                                  battery, speechless infinite duties
purify to work alliterative wiring witnessless
time flee jar entire;
    fled smoke up appraises death like blame
astonished answers spiralling felt Dreamy Sea Dream Joke
labor silent thread itself.
    And Our Future –
                                  can’t done that
                                  total skin tight deluxe
mercurial gravitation
without fingerprints.
    A poet’s license expires in prose
                                  doves’ eye communicating
                                  light sleeveless foretasting
tinsel particulars’ sake.
    Soon as oneness transascending atom tumble
neural emerald asterisk:
                                  tiny lights highs beguile
                                                                future bends down
                                  liability as unanimous.