Lip Service by Bruce Andrews



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Primum Mobile     2

  AND Porous Iris – apexes?: sheer bets squander dub
free the unknown for itself in motion action light
                                  sufficient gossiped.
    Soaped dream-wise blush enhanced mimicking –
                                  fleece alert fun solstice monotone head
bud out: integrity’s costume.
    Deluxe loud visuals, veilless miracle morsel
                                  idea pulleys if clearsighted unity glazes
the real thing queen transparence;
    & the focal seizure senses at work at the confines
of their intensity: vultu, gestu, oculis drenched deep
detectable image as completable fullness: baste
                                  the spheres frills abhor.
    Image this thaw bigger than true bliss jammed into
what visualized colorless consistency slippages
of time’s self-
concealment gradients may read like fiction;
    & a pertinent bestowal of
                                  stages of shape anything = demeaning negative
adiopolated sensors keep an eye solar quit
                                  look what look how hue default
a less equivalencing metaphoricity mental cell.
    The lavender figuration – Touch Of
do you beam? – but do not throw out the comma
clusters enormous no matter how small it is, veils stammer
                                  axles of lace sorties,
    perpetually Crystal Cameo
                                  Sweeter Music – syntactically windmilled
                                  meteorites kneeling about-face secret
                                  humus star paratactic patience, optimistic
on air devolves itself blushing surface self-interning truth.
    Apotheotic tug, solstice jubileed foundational
                                  hands, for skylights at least but not beyond
                                  abut beyond equator syllable will –
substantive at top, joke below melt noise peremptory
by lamination born to a stirruped fact grooves reversible
                                  touch even more.
    Curl free posit marquee fragrance tripod
                                  devising so deep shadowless
                                  trellises web happy divination
                                  furs murmured off
error reveining rampant dream medicated to luck lewd
cunning gauze.
    Thing sound same
                                  attributes reference desire plane to plane
                                  as matter appeals
                                  form, punctuation absconds
                                                                tease over theme
blurting out the center split impossible.
    And powers name – maze all that dionysian clockwise up top
                                  cursival meant society of the head –
                                                                ipso toto factual affect.
    Vitamin clothes enamel lava
                                  error torched out death’s sprung
                                  rhythm tendering, appellant mistakes move too
fast when gravity calls aren’t sure.
    And La Rouge Domino cognating itself –
                                  It believes in sentences
                                  I pass over already
                                  itself beyond wording to
                                  unanvil Perfect Solution
                                  like to abbreviate we all know
the negative secret:
    stet flex tongue lidless gaze
mistakes decoction dispersing
so best sweet shut bodiless
slender writes nerve just sufficient
tint mezzotinted for
volatizing array of matter.
    Breadth present vertical toys
                                  wake the false gradation cracks
inseam luxury shoutless heat size accordion-like space
imagine inner effects – more still –
                                  horizontal so candied showboat zone,
    form halts, straight
                                  aromatic, precincts plenty transplanting
                                  a terrestrial name not
                                  even tentacled equipoise less
never tipped: cheap lease leisure size prizes
                                  doubt filament donor’s polydolence appendage
took its own lessons,
    nerves on level carbonize pose – recompensive
                                  dive grace press desirably
                                  cranial divination lips, a hive of
                                  eliciting implicates delirium when hands
are roots entirely up & down.
    Atoms hoist bibliographic traps herself to appear
to favor & to favor to appear private, I’m telling you, meant
strokes convection at slope side bride noun noise
                                  insisted-on ends, wrist that glows.
    I am every signature roost my heads no semblance
                                  in the future alone, to stipulate voyeurism
benign speechless shimmers into signature & goodness sought
punctuated awe pleated fling-offs inside my body,
    in coned rapt co-opera iri-
                                  descent skin the body always wants
to be taken care of and to hell with it! unquote –
appearanced soon florally – confined satisfaction –
                                  or saturation diving dress indulge
                                  came down unsubornable to earth.
    Emulsive space heart
                                  straight flame, heat tights
boneless final Venus act excellent to wilt, high above
                                  the stars headless doubled, noun shield
mobilely rekindle.
    Fixtures flit shoot/design paralyze-less and above all
to exemplify something form, lights up hint & open mouth
publicizes the fact correct in form and balance
pleasure scarcely fraud.
    And fragrant jumper – effort is mad crystal
stimulus persuades:
                                                                Blue Eyed
                                                                Smooth As Glass
                                  ricochet dressing interval arabesque cheers.
    Legible divinators berayed! – what goes on
                                  quickness is filler, scrim just invites
                                  thrustless spot-removers’ infirmament too.
    Paragraph whitens all words – are you rotating?:
                                  weightless manner queen clustering
                                                                slide simply that
circumferenced lambs bathed product, content
wonders, free bypassed ultraviolet curvature;
    infinite comma contrast leans
                                  oblivion in abeyance use
                                  to look laughing
tableau covenanted peach love doubts.
    Privacy makes no difference: wonder wishing idiom
                                  figure purified referenda on your past
                                  rings that bite word of mouth
                                  source oblique empire bosom of
commended by her, to all desires;
    circular fluffing too
                                  empty to share barnstormed-away winglets –
sometimes it’s hard to remember that this place belongs to us
                                                                maze in that
                                                                conviction spills
                                  chameleonic arc sublime they hoped
they could it out through the needles;
    & let the happening happen undroughtfullest
host the nonpersonal in an atmosphere of eccentrics grazing on
certainty have touched the piece but yet to move forward –
                                  forceless knowhow, no why, can’t hide –
tiniest disequilibrium qualifies for necessity.
    I just follow your finds disclose
things where they take me? – That proves it!: say’ll
                                                                out precept blankens
luminous panoramic dots heart open to vouch.
    Stemless positive on to on suffices is apocryphal
wrestling presence delight wipe slate off nice
to be a lamp in heat crusading size.
    Extreme rouge obligation to hope enprismed in itself
                                  will not be using the trapeze apostrophizes
nude word hardly words one.