Lip Service by Bruce Andrews



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Saturn     1

  PRESSED oils orchid reprieve
donate eyebrow flangers into certainty, festive to relent
                                  just this one spot license of
                                  ink nook air singularly first
                                  lilts what legible
seamless light! – Well, it’s only a word – minute blacks
                                                                starlight ions
imprison my notice, phrenologically open as long as
you accept the form of the pencil.
    First check to see if
                                  counterfeit levers awash –
you always peep through a hole or you don’t just let one little
artery burst open! –
                                  soon halation light trap neon
                                                                writing means forgetting
                                  fast leased off-hind
                                  bribe – sensation of – appeal to
                                  appoint me big lie subtlety fails:
    wallflowers fund the planar squiggle
spirit cognition violators shaping
                                  velvet subtle tissue posturing
reservations about orthodox corrections, equip
                                  garnish depicting chandeliered
                                  swirls afford the fantasy
                                  all these bees blink artificial mercury
for me fussing into a direct aperture,
    the protractor claque, harmless baffles the fragility
of the bulb, figure-eighted sawtoothed slicing
thirst bleeds on cue; ocular
star could tarnish tapered eyelet
cell abusive iris curves capacity
way too big uncertified blue.
    I shall not minimize that
                                  suspicion sheen risk dark
shakes dimmer bonnet, all our pertinence can’t wait to
                                  close up my eyes quit reimbursing
those half-dead christmas light strings in the sky
feign ignorance of the reality litany, a militarizing
biology votes freon’d doubt the impotence to
literal moonshine – captives strictly special loud
fictitious truths to be keyhole discourse
cross-grained at cloudburst.
    Grazing lights okay tight millskin scopophobia –
get to believing my own stuff: cached roseate
seeping swishy catered burial of doubts –
fuzzy retighten adverb tights on facts, some electricity
creamy obscura starlight in vitro
innuendo corrugated secrets; no tonic crushes
arguable as straightedge hardline images
                                  renting couplets skittering cranial
                                  slither in hypnosis false to
stick to fact ate my mirror.
    But lettre de cachet labials clairvoyant
untouched even assuming arguendo that bleeds
loop mesmerized idiom never gets revised
                                  perfectly: girds not look at me
waxing & waning indecent monosyllables cheapened
through forgettable thought expulsion,
    spark so sure exact
spills squeeze me some syllables this never was –
on wish whats, specious commas stung, I’m
auditioning the wrong tense – at the speed of – impossible
nothings make a doubt crayola parry skimping pyromania.
    If your tongue has to be hanging out to think, you’ve got a
fragile fry, one-for-all calf eliding
bobbing nettable flurry fainter gap I cannot say:
I swept up the dirt inside my head heavy action glare
tissue affect for disbelief, chemically subordinate
inch ideas at angle braying in vain –
I’m not a detail person,
    mawk spell manquish
beauties shook carelessly too dear to flanks – chill the most
                                  for light chasers; what I’ve lost
                                  I can demean, apostrophize any grammar
pointed strip switch toys of errors better burn
                                  body’s lexical distaste –
I may be missing the point, eviscerated
lightning in mouth then spun thrill
                                  tongue cut quite early.
    She invented writing
                                  auditory abandon could get
imperfectibly, swell overstuffed nightmare moisten
syllable-less peek – is it even remotely conceivable
that a woman could have written this? –
respond reverse detoothing at cruising altitude
admires to memorialize atoning needle, annoy ice
                                  simple slip baton tastes forged
grab truth dares dart distaff fabricated
misnaming breast lavishes jargon with interned shutters.
    Nest scent, the catechism bare
numbering sanguinary florid air & hurt
fits blasting bud or better it
& held tight briefed ajar – is that cognitive
thaw? … is it an overdose of sophistication? –
so face kick insight;
    just sitting at my desk
makes me want drugs, boldface crease
                                  gilding the pill, mock withstanding
                                  flush with edges, rouge minored bleed
to believe – chafe lit imp bittersweet chocolate-voiced
hand curls the fugitive genuine wand to loosen
future by abbreviated limbs;
    choking vexation, it’s so funny
                                  because I was just thinking: dayglo mutates
shorthand sulphur lilies get cramps, voyeur’s dirge, sleep
creature tacit drag, you eraserheads! – reverb got me wrong.
    Loss fled care, nothing
                                  means worry, iodined awake –
                                                                Pavlov has it wrong too
                                                                are so unforgettable:
only biological pinky as dangers pull up
                                  the sheets on that lack of insight –
                                  consider the furor needle
                                  other doubts act gets
tense – as in anxious or pluperfect, gasses we hale
back end by acclamation pop-up turmoil.
    Ah-hah!: I hear you learning
could eat broken glass – that kind of foam at the maudlin
knowingness wiser inflates safety fetters
turning red milk acrostic
magnifies happy fuses of italics have wings
                                  reinforcing unsponsorable expectations
                                  and you’re also a poet?:
as for the match-lighter
there doesn’t seem to be any beginning.