Lip Service by Bruce Andrews



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Saturn     2

  YOU wanted to see more skin pre-inhabitated
sauce back up open holes a peepin’ mouth itinerary
                                                                that slightly addled
                                  fleshiness little putting skin stars rouge
hates sale soothe this hinted hose the witness, eyelashes
can self-wince gaudy as all get out.
    And corrupt baste: raggedy mauve hurts
on the front impersonated necklace on riposte
remorse whose makeup medicates fallacies –
maroon pressure cleft like lightning fakes
                                                                ignites arrestingly
                                                                precociously alluring
                                  furnaced retreat for the couture cure, my fat
falsely wetted out your impossible contrivance:
    clotted sticks doubling soapish intrigue ankles
                                  liberally bloused – the nipple knows
hookah pipe attached to waist negligé duplicity
                                  vermilion closest to teen distraction
compelling unremitting convulsive abolition of beauty that –
why so bunchy? – beauty affords fit
tumbles to feinted smooth powder;
    you are equal to, not susceptible to, hairspray, forehead as
                                  mouth gunnery coddled
                                                                bric-a-brac blush this
ambiguous overbite – gossamer sewing stigmata pollen –
the botched figures asphyxiate with ruffles, rasp dry nape chill
                                  clotique play’ll spies
                                  pump out the breath crèche.
    Sloughing cream abates hose fleshing
of rayon ducking behind casual energy
                                  flattering jittery with beads
                                  stick to feign encaustically jewelless
                                  dressing room topping preen
restless skin above the elbows from the cold
inclines skin cult, sensationally jellied, precautionary burns
                                  take stripes very
                                  capture admiration for the beeline
and mediate spade convulsed bauble.
    Precocious arise it it it it
                                  derangement parties absently fold
too near Rocking Legs, Circling Arms: tempo’s signature
                                  posturing gels a joy to be spillage –
pelt shimmy, puppets for ankles, fusillade
                                  blouse with explosives
a madder crimson crack styling fuse …
poppy’s fervent switch in spots,
hair headlights shorten moussed youth lapels;
    Russo chocolat soubrettishness agree to caprice, eyebrows
                                  over noise from behind for your period
max factor silk reckoning physical desiderata, bulbs between
                                  my untutored titties, cinderous
                                  lap the dynamiting garb attrition
                                                                stress caprice –
                                                                lotions’ lobes
reckless signing means less makeup
stinging teasing fancier than chemicals.
    Did you take notes repel the sauce
on her chance to bother boys into generators
                                  detonates debutante squarish
                                  navel, express job tilted lid bleeds
                                  its compliment of a trumped suit:
                                                                le(r) veezahzh – ler pwahneh –
                                  ler kurr – ler sang – lah zhoo –
                                  lay zyur – lah boosh –
                                  lah lehvr – ler doa –

what does not spurt is the will to spurt,
                                                                general pitching hard
                                  stalking hems either glands or real
matrixed swan, narrowing ‘viriloid’ chamois
get here again.
    I touch taken undone pleasures
one loving leg can kill tsvetayevaesque hem after gift
intimations, satin brusque singe palpitates elastic export fluid:
bow out hush indiscretion hands untouchable
seduces – indecency may be lyrical, why unbutton the bottom? –
palm mortgaged foist lap fallacious
kiss where shorts hit thigh;
    a small back – queen-sized teen indications operate
on the zipper risk stimuli on each other’s neck –
                                  skeptically shyly hula
                                  moot court
                                  nylon adversaries, jellied inflammational
                                  sleeveless oppurtunities –
puppy-headed thighs.
    Vertiginous bets too burned, velvet-edged polka –
                                  handkerchief knows my tricks freeze
                                  inquisit volume, caution
hightops, toppers, intrinsically sweat
the nun removes invocation touch from the dress pads
aversive spats less generic
                                  whom to pop don’t glass very long;
    penetrating bodice rippers beware male bottom beef off
                                  in curls laborious laps from all
                                  much too eager to tease only
                                  you gets its legs soak enbosom
hands? – oh, hands, I notice you have hands,
    persistence as redhead nylon is an object
silk objections into victory, bunned dry, I got
                                  a Eurorail pass through the wardrobe
                                  sucrose disassembly bits of flesh
                                  in teeth vex curlicues a muffin,
hot melted butter & spermicidal cream.
    Sulphur brilliantine orchid squeegee orifice is demoted
parasitic waiting in bestowal hula con
crinoline posterior was hysterical crocus-fingered alarm clock
to make prize thumbs react:
                                  I’m a real slut quite distinct
from the kinky fortuitousness, hems that squirt
calmly seizing alterations, skirt-like pillbox
capri pants allure – unagricultural figure flame
                                  a sort of elite fingering she huged off
                                  the frictional drug fleeced with a pin.
    But torsion is function dancer
from the dunce contains anti-sniff ingredient: I don’t have that
                                  much sense to lose confidence in you; skinny
                                  trauma satin delinquent minus the novocain
figure-eight delay on flesh, we’re holding our breath:
                                  the blonde experiencable passive drumhead
propounded the meat go fuzz? –
which bleeds & endorses mock trial for eyelashes? –
not satisfy,
    self-fulfilling pungency suits too deeply:
some cute equipment there, marshmallows chisel abyss –
they say they drive your tastebuds speechless; memory didn’t
too thick happens, they have claws –
burnt umber under low-slung tight gold schizo,
                                  antibody blot/vibratory gidget
gusting fixed sultry.
    And offends me – your vinylette compliments
wither nipples, milk loss danger level jetsam by me:
                                                                alert strictures –
as humidity? haphazard lacing? –
                                                                zher mer swee follermahng
                                  tahmewzay –

maybe we could sell cotton candy, exotic vying
tongue distorts manual stride is johnny on the spot
longing undo death.
    Hinge throated loa for a spoon
                                  menstruous grove mussed alarm –
                                                                ahvehk day zawngdewhahssyawng –
                                                                lenient prom preen
                                  for trouble diapers begone:
live lips tongueless pitch;
genial blowtorch cajolery admits.