Lip Service by Bruce Andrews



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Saturn     10

  MYSTERY requites a sovereign, furtive horizon
                                  delivered from touch tongue slave solace:
                                  now who’s undone! – only unusual force
forces courtesy vacation reserved for I have a secret hideaway
on every room’s nerve endings –
                                                                dwahzh lay zahrahlay ahngtyay? –
                                  the memory is the hope hope receives
                                  unemployment girded against naked jubilee
                                  stubs that resuscitate antibody
                                  generosity center fled the complaints
if fan mail could talk,
    excess forgives privilege widowed nerve kewpie bomb:
                                  nothing sloppy, nothing weak –
                                  red cells in the moonlight practicing
                                  ventricals aspired to clothed tourniqueting
all abstention expulsive triangle down your ganges valenced
cadenced red self-mating margarine hailings of
                                  the us, coups affection
                                  without portfolio.
    ‘I’, alibis glisten, unsettle in hind saints please others
roast as an antidote slandering vivisection species can plug in
                                  adultery’s fragrance; den perhaps
to vanquished reptile status blood just token freedom
purple recruited to a wound in other words
                                  refusals: I had the falseness
of gratuitously feminist violence tradition behind me;
    I came in too soft to depict a physical specimen –
                                  bust exhausts the felony with its own
                                  hand-warmer, the Wanting cyclic fault:
edit the scaffold evil declines
the choice niece hive forfeits sorry self jam
                                  diplomatic bouncing pills forcefeed others
                                                                commit others to disarm
some interrogative toiletry – poor women, they still have to
talk about their families, fallout the undoing sawhorse renounces
definitive mint postponement underwear with a
                                  stopwatch to disagree another man
defies penchant is beating my time to install some
                                  revolving doors for the apologizers.
    We can stay dry, grammar pisses for us circulating melody
shame morals can crisscross to hilt
                                  bouffanted jinx corrects:
                                  papoose rearms cosi fan tutti pineal azure
escape from flush badge of slump slapping sects.
    Frottage curb home, crawlspace splash real rumored fudge –
                                  rebuff cutes fun for platening a habit
                                                                proper as problem, how
honors listen to the mockingbird’s tutelary semen as if to
inflate that bed to grow old on harmony pouting
                                  infantilism to uncross costumes, I
                                  received a letter from a fetus,IQ cavity
                                  with slipknot mutinied rules,
    what kind of liberty is it that most people do not want? –
the men don’t know but the little girls understand, I interrupt
                                  6% of the time – distant authentic parents,
                                  seasonal rates, C cup as backdrop
                                  denizen tricks douche riffing, who gloats?:
male copies gender within home disowned by property culls
to find out more, skid past
                                  venom bifurcates sex kindling commerce upset
me way out on the Richter scale frees majorette ointment’s
                                  predilection as unguent party or go home
                                  in my younger drugs instripped perversion
                                  diva by shuttle:
    ruin red abusing only makes it much harder to use them
                                  on V-ed colossus, anxiety dry miked
flaxy gynecological aberrants is lesbianously ironic wedding
                                  closets to apocalyptic visions
                                  of immobilism makes monsters of
                                  indecision when men that bleed drunkproofed
                                  rearing at needed samaritans –
                                  ‘little woman’ – how redundant?:
does he have ignition? – women should be stronger …
                                  or is that just my sexual preference? –
I could be more autonomous by failure.
    Its tongue at your knees, its tail at my ankle
envaginates more to do rules fracas licks
if lips gathered houseplant dust: who died of enough? –
                                  delicacy retribution pleas against I want
                                  eggs on face – Dismiss! – you intent me too
much; paralyzed suckling akimbo ethics, embarrassing lawless
                                  spousal throw, incaution’s
perceived reward crisped subordination to regret the fleece-
                                  marks of circumstance adultery nourishes no
                                  means no! – things
are changing too fast for babies;
    antisocially precocious, we’re not down on our backs
with our legs spread any more – half-debauched test reassurances
of neo-forsaken delinquency crotch temporarily insane
taxing overfondness seldom twice Illicit Affair rescind
compassion to normalcy incubating fun loop that undifferentiated
                                  sentiment souse fiancé hurling us
                                  outfit & home: self-assertion
in the love act is specious juvenile mutation –
                                  I defrayed costs by auctioning my affections
– hymen surfeit instead of baby dolls that wet their diapers.
    Gray-eyed seeks hose is not a home counterfeit favors:
                                  touch me, exalted suppository –
sin more mess soap plots fumble genealogy greeting
                                                                loop bisects
                                                                protocol bartering
                                                                demotes wishing melts
                                  to etiquette-attenuated training error
her lips, torture chamber, meat wagon, butcher shop, shad roe?:
                                  the false sweet mate lacunae vice’s
minute cultural detail overspilling torts decorating
into lumps of party disavowal
                                  superfluous gonad
                                  too reluctant to give rage up.
    Oh prettiness just makes me squat:
prickly seed display
police escort dislocated submission up my snatch – you want to
                                  be permanently disadvantaged?? – collapse
                                  envies your violence, you look the way
                                                                habit = scar
                                  I used to want to be, spouse expense
at your fingertips cheat confessing up tuition affections
before they are dominant, an assumption which lesbians might find
                                                                rather quaint, I think I
                                  need some strata of history of women’s anger
                                  has become professionalized up nostrils, a
                                  neurotic epiphany – you wanna puke, right?:
branded a fornicator by her church seminar, I’m status-broken, I
was taught to be dissatisfied.
    Earliest sexual money needs a career –
excuses don’t make it, scruple mongers who can smart the culture
debt banking most bodies on suffrage must invert upper
verticality with antipodes re-debt honeycomb puts
divorce me COD with swathed juridical interieur arrest-a-thon
                                  punctuating the bribe – why do you think
women are the formalism of property, how many
have favored the castration of convicted rapists, adultery or
                                  mere adulteration – women tend to be more
                                  self-critical?? – guys don’t have feelings;
they just have interests; boys just want funds.
    Devil’s advocate, illustrate me
                                  some patricide, hon’; nobody’s lonely enough
to tolerate you – pride rehab spawn’s too pop
                                                                bitten jury crooked meek
                                                                loosed against
                                  socialite putsch, if someone offers
                                  you drugs, … I’m feeding on
                                  your hand-i-wipe attitudes –
women must perform those who con the apparatus to be
                                  – win me & digest me! –
                                  ostracized indignant change,
    promise timely
succor lip service shudder
                                                                unlearns foal
                                  queasiness generalizes play
cocked from new world of rest, solitary lengths
                                                                crux dorm revel blame
                                                                free to franchise
                                                                the what’s up
beauty favor.