Raising Eyebrows Raise your Eyebrows
Raising Eyebrows Gary Barwin
Knives and Forks of the Millennium

there’s a knife in the sky
there’s a fork in the ground
humans are spoons

it’s sharp like the moon
it’s wet like confetti
after the Big Bang they didn’t allow confetti

this is a world-class planet
it’s a world-class galaxy
don’t forget to colour between the lines

I said let’s meet F2F in the Y2K
and she said after the Big Bang
after bingo
sometimes I leave my body
an out-of-couch experience
a remote-control nirvana
leaves on a primitive desktop

dawn clatters the plate
the horizon double-clicks the pull-down sun
an alveolar cowboy
the trail along tongue-west

this is more than I can chew
the server says
time for some public confetti

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