Raising Eyebrows Raise your Eyebrows
Raising Eyebrows Gary Barwin
Emoticons for, the New Millennia

a boy, steps into the air above, his mother’s head

the furniture stops, singing but becomes a cello in a grammar
      of comfort

this pig does, not turns into a frog from, the inside

I would like to continue, my development of post-colonial,
      commasization considered as multitextual paranational,
      reglomerates – emoticons, for the new millennia

Henry he asked this sentence, is filled, with run-on leptons
      dolphin-faced hadrons which eschew, tautology

a ’patasyntactical princess-kiss, from a metempsychotic, pig
      virtualized on the lips of an, amphigrammatical frog

return you, to that glimmerized space I, want beside, my father
      where the gusts gather

happy face on the virtual bodyhead, unindexed puncturization of
      the bel recanto of the fingers electric

chesterfield soft the mother, tongues the air beside the cello-normal

once again I save, the day command S, close

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