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Introduction 1985

On this, our twentieth anniversary as a publishing house, we decided to give you an opportunity to thumb chronologically through the years. All 286 titles that we've produced are annotated here in this plump catalogue - the dogs, the diamonds, and everything in between. In a sense, it's an aerial photograph of an era - a map of risks taken, experiments conducted, our machines running at night while the city slept. Add it all up and you've got about a thousand man-years of effort beside a swimming pool of black coffee.

We're blessed with optimism. The Coach House Press continues to be an interesting place because interesting people put their lives into it - writers, artists, editors, the production staff and, of course, the Coach. We're still trying to do what we set out to do twenty years ago - which is to find out what a book might be. We pack the chute. You, dear reader, pull the cord.

The success of our mission is that we're still here, kibbitzing, deadly serious, trying to roll the beautiful boulder back up the mountain.

Thanks for staying with us. We hope you enjoy the new catalogue.

Note 1999

This electronic reprint is for reference only. Titles not found on the order page are not available from Coach House Books. Some titles may be available from other publishers.