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Unrehearsed Beauty

    A series of theatrical proposals - to be repeated,
    discarded, performed simultaneously and / or
    recombined in any and all of the many possible
    combinations - all vaguely relating to the topic
    of the author's considerable moral ambivalence.

    (Numbers 1-49 in a continuing series)

    Jacob Wren

Unrehearsed Beauty was written specifically for the Bergen Internasjonale Teater Teatergarasjen in Norway and would not have been possible without the assistance of Sven Åge Birkland, Knut Ove Amtzen, Mette Helgesen, Lars Ove Toft and our invaluable assistant Marié Nerland in Bergen, and of Sylvie Lachance, Richard Ducharme and Carrie Loffree in Montreal. Very special thanks must also must be sent out to Finn Iunker who translated these texts into Norwegian, Goril Mauseth and Elin Sogn who performed these texts both in English and Norwegian and Carole Nadeau who traveled with me to Bergen and did a wonderful job of directing the first workshop. Her intelligence and dedication was invaluable.

ISBN 1-55245-947-0
Coach House Books, 1998